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Tomoko Ando

At times of ill-health, stress or difficulty in life, our body, mind and energy need to be supported so that we can cope with extra demands on top of everyday needs. I believe that we are at our best when we feel balanced in a well-functioning body, and our internal strength flourishes when we are relaxed in that body. 

The human being is naturally designed to get back to its optimal state through balanced daily activity such as eating, sleeping, working, playing, and resting. The restorative process also requires that we keep our mind and emotion flowing with ease. When the demands in life are such that this innate intelligence of recovery is compromised however, and is further left unattended, any dysfunction can become chronic and more substantial. 


Over the years of professional career in healing arts since 2003, I have been cultivating the tools and perspective so that I can support those who are on their journey towards the balanced state of being as nature intended.


Is a form of traditional medicine that helps to achieve the state of health by inserting the fine needles into various points of the body's channels. Then the needles are usually left in for 30 to 40 minutes, while you rest completely and relax. 

Needling is often accompanied by the therapeutic heat of moxibus-tion, which can also be comforting and soothing. I have great appreciation for teachings of Classical Chinese Medicine and that has led me to use Complement Channels in treating imbalance as well as symptoms.

Acupuncture effectively treats respiratory symptoms, gastrointesti-nal disorders, endocrine problems, circulatory disorders, tinnitus, dizziness, headaches and migraines, chronic fatigues, allergies, menstrual disorders, insomnia, mental and emotional disharmony, chronic and acute pains, etc


is an ingestive therapy which is based on the principle of "like cures like". Remedies are prepared from materials which can cause the same symptoms that clients are experiencing when taken in large quantities, but are diluted multiple times removing all the substantial materials. This stimulates their own vital energy and supports the process of self-healing. During the first appointment, I take a full medical and personal history as well as the details of the main symptoms. I then prescribe individual remedies, which are often supplemented with herbal tinctures when the substantial deficiency needs support.

Gyrotonic &  Gyrokinesis

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods consist of gentle, flowing, yet stimulating movements that are executed together with breath and visualisation.

The mobility and stability are worked from the base and axis - the pelvis and spine, which then radiate out and articulate the joints in the whole body. The body moves with ease and enjoys more space and an even flow of energy after a session. This can bring the feeling of wellness and calm, and balance in body and mind.

The Gyrotonic method uses a pulley tower that supports and guides the body through the movements, while providing some resistance at the same time. Gyrokinesis exercise is performed on the chair and floor with no use of special equipment.


  • Practitioner of Classical Acupuncture

  • BSc in Chinese Medicine and Licentiate in Acupuncture

  • Member of British Acupuncture Council

  • Postgraduate Diploma and Licentiate in Homeopathy

  • Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Massage

  • Gyrotonic Level I, Level II Program 1&2

  • Gyrokinesis Level I

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