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Our Philosophy


Since 2009 we have been part of the Golborne community, supporting people from all walks of life. Guided by a nurturing and collaborative approach, our practitioners tailor to each individual clients' journey.


Our Story

My Name is Monica Zamora,

founder of Golborne Place studio and clinic.

My background is in dance; I am a former Principal ballet dancer and performed at the highest level in theatres worldwide, serving also as a Governor to The Royal Ballet and collaborating extensively with the prestigious international dance organisation Prix de Lausanne.


Throughout the incredible yet intense years of performing central roles and exploring ways to access ’the best of me’, I found myself navigating injuries at times and learned the importance of Health as the vehicle to support both my career in Dance and my journey in Life. 

I am passionate about the body, self expression through movement, forever curious about supportive and alternative health methods. Thus the creation of Golborne Place a wellness space dedicated to sharing knowledge and guidance. I am proud and grateful to present a team of excellence.

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