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Lucy Cullum

After working in the photography industry, working long, fast paced days, Lucy recognised how exercise and physical movement was fundamental to her sense of well-being; Pilates and then Gyrotonic exercise being a key part of this. It felt like a natural progression for her to train as an instructor, so she could explore this fully. Lucy loves how both methods are so adaptable and effective on many levels and for such a wide range of people. From a remedial aspect through to a highly physical workout, they improve both everyday movement and can help towards specific sports-related goals. Lucy has enjoyed accompanying many women on their pre and post natal journey.

Pilates & Gyrotonic

Pilates and Gyrotonic methods are both a form of exercise that coordinate the mind, body and spirit. Posture, alignment and range of movement are improved by rebalancing and functionally strengthening the muscles and joints of the body, aiding injury prevention and proprioception. Stress and tension are reduced, through the use of breath and particularly with Gyrotonic exercise, fluid movement sequences, helping to energise and find balance.


  • Alan Herdman Teacher Training Course in Body Conditioning and Remedial Exercise

  • LSSM Professional Diploma in Clinical Sport and Remedial 

  • Massage Therapy Level 5

  • Certified Gyrotonic Level 1 Trainer

  • Gyrotonic Level 2, Program 2

  • Gyrotonic Jumping-Stretching Board Trainer

Take A Step Towards Wellbeing

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