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Janet Collard

Janet has been a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of dance and movement for over two decades. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she brings with her years of experience teaching youth through adults at all levels. As the result of a dance injury, she sought out the pilates method in 2011, helping her rehabilitate and went on to earn her comprehensive pilates certification through Balanced Body in 2012. In addition to her pilates training and teaching Janet has simultaneously been a student of Gyrotonic and is now a Certified Gyrotonic trainer.

Pilates Trainer &
 Certified Trainer

The pilates method focuses on connection to the inner core, enabling length and flexibility of the spine, creating greater efficiency of movement overall. When teaching within the pilates repertoire, I help people gain greater control of movement while encouraging longer, leaner and more flexible musculature. Guiding clients through the Gyrotonic method, I assist in improving ease and mobility of joints, stretching muscles and getting to the deeper layers of the body, creating more space than you thought you had.


  • 2012 Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certificate 

  • 2023 Gyrotonic Level I Certified Trainer

  • Decades of movement teaching experience with diverse bodies of all levels and backgrounds

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