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Lola Ross

Lola is a registered nutritionist with over 10 years of experience working primarily in women's health across the life stages - from puberty and pregnancy to menopause. Lola loves working to support the health of women and has a special focus on gut, hormone and cycle health, preparing the body for pregnancy, and midlife-hormone support and body optimisation.

Lola is an experienced speaker, health writer, and educator. She is also the co-founder and head of nutrition at the mood and hormone tracking app Moody Month and a proud mum of two.

Functional Nutritionist

Lola offers functional nutrition for women’s health. She designs simple plans that can include optional functional testing, delicious nutrient-dense foods, science-backed supplements and mind-body-stress support to help promote good health and healthy ageing. 


  • The Whole-Body Health sessions
    2x consultations | 10% discount on all supplements

  • The express nutrition clinic
    30-minute session | 10% discount on all supplements 


  • Nutrient assessment + supplements clinic
    1 hour + follow up | 10% discount on all supplements 



Clinical expertise: 

- Cycle + hormone health
- Optimising the body for pregnancy
- Prenatal and antenatal support
- Peri/menopause symptom support
- Skin health
- Gut health
- Sleep health
- Metabolic health and healthy cellular ageing 


BSc (Hons) Health Sciences /Nutritional Therapy

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice® (AFMCP) 

Ongoing CPD 

Take A Step Towards Wellbeing

All Practitioners are available by appointment,

We look forward to hearing from you 

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