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Golborne Place welcomes students training in Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Pilates & Antigymnastique disciplines for self-practice and teacher-practice hours. Please contact golborne@golborneplace.com to find out more.

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Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course with Beatrice Bernstein

Certified Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer in Master Trainer Jackson Kellogg’s Network

An intensive six-day Gyrotonic course for those wishing to become teachers of the GYROTONIC® method or for anyone meeting the pre-requisites (see Full Details link, below) who is interested in enhancing their own Gyrotonic practice.

Dates & Times: 
Friday 3rd of May: 12.00-3.00 & 5.00-7.00
Saturday 4th of May: 12.00-3.00 & 5.00-7.00
Sunday 5th of May: 10.00-1.00 & 3.00-5.00

Friday 10th of May: 12.00-3.00 & 5.00-7.00
Saturday 11th of May: 12.00-3.00 & 5.00-7.00
Sunday 12th of May: 10.00-1.00 & 3.00-5.00

Course fees: 850 euros
Studio fees: £200

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If you are interested in offering workshops or courses from Golborne Place, please contact golborne@golborneplace.com