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Pilates teaches you how to align your body perfectly, isolate individual muscle groups and work them without straining other areas. Muscles grow more defined, posture improves, joints become more flexible. Pilates exercises are performed slowly and with concentration, so breathing and movements are optimally coordinated to create amazing results.

About Monica…

I started practising Pilates over 10 years ago to address back and hip problems. Regular and concentrated Pilates exercises addressed muscle imbalances that had been the cause of years of pain in a way that other training methods had not been able to. Since then I have been a firm believer in the effectiveness of informed and tailored Pilates work, and it became a central part of my routine. After a successful career in Law and Management Consulting, I decided to concentrate my professional focus completely on training others in the Pilates-based method of exercise. I was certified under the comprehensive tutelage of Alan Herdman and have worked in Alan's studio, as well as in a Physiotherapy Clinic in Battersea, and with a wide variety of private clients. My expertise includes individual assessments, tailored 1:1 training, group mat classes, reformer and mixed apparatus classes.


Qualifications and Experience

  • Alan Herdman Teacher Training Course in Pilates, Body Conditioning and Remedial Exercise
  • Jay Grimes Workshop
  • Pre and Post natal Pilates
  • Madeline Black: Sole to Spine
  • Eric Franklin Method: Pelvic Power for Core Support; Imagery for healthy and strong knees; Neck and Shoulders Release; Psoas - Beyond the Abs.
  • Julian Littleford: Pilates for Men - Building Strengh, Flexibility and Power.
  • Sherri Betz: Pilates for Low Back Pain and Dysfunction
  • Carolyne Anthony: Pre-Natal Pilates Mat and Reformer
  • Sherri Betz: Community - Based Mat Programs for Osteoporosis


To be in touch with the way the body functions optimally is essential to feeling better in every aspect of life. A holistic application to health and fitness, exercised with concentration, will help you to realise the full potential of one's physical and mental well-being and performance. To quote Joseph Pilates in his book "Return to Life Through Contrology": "To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability."

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