Gyrotonic® Trainer

What Andrzej can do for you...

Movements … which allow you to live in the present, more comfortable, without fatigue or pain. Andrzej brings to his classes his personal experience, his knowledge of movement and other mind-body disciplines, to help clients to reconnect with the essential need of wellbeing in life.

The GYROTONIC® exercises increase the functional capacity of the entire organism in a harmonious way. Mobilizes the spine and releases its rigidity. The mobility of the joints and the use of the fullest capacity in all directions. Gyrotonic exercises increase the circulation through aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation, circulation of blood, the lymphatic liquids and circulation of energy. Increases better digestive system health. Stimulates and strengthens the nervous system to increase muscular contraction and extension. Creates a clearer perception of the senses and more harmony and balance in the flow of energy.

About Andrzej…

Andrzej worked for many years as an actor, theatre instructor, director and storyteller. He created and directed for 30 years the Municipal School of Theatre in Segovia, and his own theatre company. He has extensive experience working with people of all ages and conditions.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Certified Antigym® Practitioner
  • GYROTONIC® Trainer
  • Certified Quiromassage Practitioner


We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

(William Shakespeare – The Tempest)

Our body is our self. It is our only perceptible reality. It is not opposed to our intelligence, to our feelings, to our soul. It includes them and shelters them. By becoming aware of our body we give ourselves access to our entire being – for body and spirit, mental and physical, even strength and weakness, represent not our duality but our unity.

Thérèse Bertherat - “The Body Has Its Reasons”

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